Kunal Rawal

A men’s fashion brand that unites traditional work of art with functionality, with collections that comprise a mix of contemporary silhouettes and Indian embellishments. Kunal Rawal defies norms with its unconventional aesthetic, parading its experimental and fun approach to Indian fashion. 


We developed an e-commerce site that represents the brand’s modern and exclusive identity, using a magnetic color palette, a semi-bold mono-weight contrasted typeface to project emphasis, and well-defined product categories that feature angled model shots. Effective product pages capitalize on eye-catching, engaging visuals; favoring our mastery in recalling visual stimuli. Hand in hand with this, such visuals build intrigue, prompting users to guess the collection. Fashion websites keep in mind all these elements to not only embellish the user interface but to conceive a personality for the brand for consumers to associate with. Hence, this steers consumers' right towards stacking their cart. 

Backend: WordPress, PHP | Features: E-commerce, Order with Whatsapp |




Aanswr is a clothing brand that flaunts a collection of everyday essentials for the urban lifestyle. Right from the ‘feel’ of their fabrics to their blue and white tones present in an array of outfit styles that suit a multitude of settings, the brand chooses to set an identity that is disparate in the marketplace.


Aanswr’s clothes add meaning to the mundane, so their e-commerce website needed to thoughtfully integrate this identity. Building an engaging online presence to kick start sales was paramount to set our plan of action. Hence, this led us to ensure that the site’s user interface design involved elements that would hook users and forge a visual connection. Our use of hero banners on the website does justice to this. Why? Because it primarily attracts users during the initial seconds of interaction while encapsulating the soft hues of the brand. At the end of it all, we have a website that embodies the brand unequivocally. 

Backend: Shopify | Features: E-Commerce |




The dyou website makes use of elements that reinforce the same; from soft, rounded typefaces and having the brand identity flow across the background. We created a well-organized information architecture with engaging content for consumers to recognize the brand’s advocacy of skincare health. Through this, we placed Hustle at the forefront to establish its desire to create an enduring customer experience and to form a community of patrons.

Backend: Shopify | Features: E-Commerce |



Chic Nutrix

A female-powered brand, bringing world-class nutrition supplements to help women lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Chic Nutrix’s innovative route breaks traditional healthcare interpretations, as their approach to everyday nutrition adapts to the modern lifestyles of many women. We developed a website that would mirror this identity, exhibiting their “chic” culture through user interface animations. In this age of flat design, the portrayal of animation is considered a proven way to make websites stand out; livening user experience while guiding user flow and making explanations a lot easier to grasp. Our team believed this method would be the best way to establish successful interaction and increase the desirability of the brand’s products. The interface built for this website had one goal: to create and strengthen memorability for the brand

Backend: WordPress, PHP | Features: E-commerce, Live Chat



Secret Alchemist

The website for Secret Alchemist is architectured in a straightforward, easy-to-the-eye, and couthy way. It pleases, educates, and highlights the gravity of self-care. Its visual language is clear yet mysteriously appealing with the use of shadow-play, and warm, relaxed imagery.


The brand story is clearly outlined, rooting the website in an organic and handcrafted chi. Exclusive, elegant, emotive, and educational, Secret Alchemist is a brand of clear and caring communications that is reflected on its website!

Platform: Shopify, PHP | Features: Ecommerce |



Big Bash Ent.

A fresh footing in the wedding planning and event managing industry. They win by bringing befitting perspective, smart planning & resolute backing to the table for your personalized and customized occasion. The created website brings their artistry into the limelight with the use of varied hues & imposing transitions on the design front.

Backend: Bootstrap , AngularJs, JQuery | Features: Stylised Icons, Dynamic Contact Form


Dapper Up

Dapper Up is a contemporary menswear brand that brings a tinge of Italian into modern-day dressing in India. It preserves styles that are classic, yet reinvents them for desk-to-dinner settings.  


A clothing brand that sets a distinctive identity requires its e-commerce website to typify the same. To touch upon each characteristic that sets Dapper Up apart, we chose to display model mood shots and accompanied each with a captivating slogan. We believed a structure like this would be ideal because it favors the inherent human tendency to scan content, and establishes effective visual elements. The entire website makes sure to involve a thoughtful choice of colors and fonts that correspond to the brand image in an effort to strengthen emotional feedback from consumers. Our scheme for Dapper up not only focuses on gaining conversions but intends to evoke a sense of aesthetic satisfaction while enhancing the brand’s USP’s.

Backend: WordPress, PHP | Features: Transitions, Custom UI |



Buy Sanitab

A product launched at a time of need when sanitization practices had become crucial to abide by thoroughly, Sanitab; a multi-purpose effervescent disinfectant tablet, needed a comprehensive website to serve as its main touchpoint. Our team built a website design that was conducive to the brand’s identity and messaging through the involvement of really simple, really bold visual language. Clear illustrations underscored and depicted Sanitab’s various areas of application. Showing informative content in a compelling manner, we struck a fine balance between visual aesthetics and user needs to facilitate incredible user experience. All of these being cardinal points in driving sales and developing eminent awareness of the brand.

Backend: Shopify | Features: E-commerce, one-page checkout


Innowin Furniture

 Innowin furniture is the destination for contemporary designed chairs. Their brand’s pull strategy is the fact that they’re economical, yet present premium collections that refashion settings. As their brand’s business goal was to accentuate its product designs, our team chose to design a clean, minimal website layout to bring about a refreshing appeal. We knew that easy navigational structures work well for e-commerce websites, so we integrated a sticky menu and elements like icons and drop-down lists to help us achieve this. Innowin’s products needed to stand with character, though more than that, their website needed to be engaging. We crafted an identity as such, so that right from first glance a user would be drawn to stay. Hence, boosting chances of conversion rate.

Platform: Shopify | Features: E-commerce | 


People Kind

 Peoplekind is a talent management and influencer marketing agency that bets on their ability to craft constructive communication narratives for their people. As their approach to building and nurturing their people has always been honest and empathetic, they required a distinct brand identity and a highly visual and interactive website design that brought forth these core values. By eliminating clutter on the website through the use of both micro and macro white space, we were able to balance design elements and organise content to enhance the visual communication experience. As humans are visually driven creatures, our use of animation on the tagline further increases the impact of imagery. The strategies we executed to build such a website were all advantageous in forming lasting impressions for users, driving the cultivation of strong brand value and enabling a complete understanding of the brand’s personality. 

Backend: Bootstrap | PHP Features: Dynamic Lead Generation Form




Shroffleon is a young Architecture, Landscape, and Interior Design Studio based in Mumbai. Choosing projects selectively with boundless curiosity, the studio prefers to commit to a high quality of design with consistent personalized service overtaking upon a large quantum of work. Thriving in a process of creative exploration, Shroffleon’s work has been lauded and celebrated on a transnational scale and the brand has been selected amongst Architectural Digests Influential AD100.


When Shroffleon approached us for a complete website development immersion, we saw an opportunity to convey the quality of their services using a portfolio styled approach. We brought forth their internationally renowned appeal with an immaculate depiction of each project. Every photograph tells a story and communicates an authentic narrative. Further, with the stark use of macro white space on the website, we denote the facet of luxury designs and indulge viewers to accept an invitation to Shroffleon’s digital brand experience.

Backend: WordPress, PHP | Features: Custom Portfolio



Bharat Furniture

A portfolio website designed to only convey connotations signifying the quality of their services.

Platform: Wordpress | PHP Features: Clear, User-friendly Navigation

Sugar Watchers

Sugar watchers are the provisioners of low GI staples. These products control the intake of sugar in the body. Our collaboration with them includes the end-to-end designing of their website with a healthy nudge. The on-scroll transition design feature passes through the benefits and intricacies of the products.


Backend: WordPress, PHP | Features: E-commerce, Subscription, Store Locator


Transitions are a team of leading architects in Mumbai, who transfigure places be if corporate or residential into your make-believe imagination. Having a strong client base transitions have executed projects all over the country,

The website is designed keeping in mind the ideology of showcasing their design with clarity. The facets of the interface, kept subtle, displaying the very core of the outline of the brand. The layout of the website is curated on the basis of an elegant touch keeping in mind the architectural aspects.

Features: Interactive Frontend Design |

MAMI - Mumbai Film Festival

MAMI has carved the cinematic landscape of India for over 20 years, presenting diversity in world cinema for the Indian audience to consume. Being home to film lovers, patrons of art, the common man, and dreamers, MAMI organizes the annual international film festival in Mumbai each year (Mumbai Film Festival). New films of a multitude of genres from around the world are previewed with a range of Competitors and Showcase categories. 


Our team ensures the website is optimized to manage multiple blog entries. This crafts an identity that is dynamic and represents MAMI’s team as enterprising. Photographs and content from the latest events take the lead of the website, garnering admiration from viewers as a result of its critical acclaim.

Platform: YII Framework | PHP | Features: CMS, Blogs, Payment Gateway



Aseesa Fashion

Aseesa believes in fusion at every note working closely with artisan and using age-old blocks and techniques and carry forward the tale of Indian crafts. The website embodies the very idea of the brand, projecting an interface that shows a diversified analogy between ethnic and fusion wear. The visual design makes locating products easy and convenient.

Backend: WordPress, PHP | Features: E-commerce, Wallet, Subscription


Yolo Ent.

 Luxury event and destination wedding planners, Yolo Entertainment specializes in executing their client's vision with their expertise. The portfolio website not only showcases their array of services but also the celebrations they have executed, also serving as a platform for generating leads and inquiries, complimented by a bold aesthetic of gold and black.


Platform: PHP | Features: Dynamic UI | 


A spellbinding, zero alcohol beer brand with a refreshing array of crafted, sharp, flavors. Coolberg had a set vision; they wanted to tantalize taste buds and introduce a trendy and aspirational drink amongst a market where cola or fruit-flavored fizzy drinks are the common preference. 


We strategized an identity that incorporates a vivid color palette to build up that feeling of excitement. Using a 360-degree view interactive design, the website establishes a fun journey and gratifies a target audience of overexcited, exuberant millennials. Throughout the website, the experience of Coolberg is accentuated. The condensated backdrop depicts the chilled surface of the beer and functions as a feature that emphasizes the brand’s freshness. Similarly, the on-hover bubble animation on the shop page adds a playful touch to the drink’s fizziness. All in all, the website design pays heed to the characteristics of the target audience to elicit a visceral admiration for the brand.  

Platform: Wordpress | Features: Ecommerce, Animation | 



Beyond Ordinary

Create a life beyond ordinary around you. Fun & quirky, a little something for everybody. From clocks and gadgets to gifting and customizing, the brand celebrates you. The visually spatial design & clean specificity makes it easier to navigate through the multiplicity of the product lines.

Platform: Magento | Features: Product inventory, Order tracking, SMS and Email




IPCE has created for itself a transcendent identity strongly embedded in the Indian marketplace as one of the leading manufacturers of electrical control panels, and complete electrical solutions for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential purposes.
What we considered an important aspect to this website that would pique user interest and form an enthralling appeal, was to create an informative, yet a significantly white spaced homepage with rich images and consistent color scheme.

Platform: React.js | Features: Stylised Icons, Dynamic Contact Form



Studio Wodehouse

With a passionate team of over a dozen interior and furniture designers, architects, and craftsmen who collaborate on every project, Studio Wodehouse brings their vision to life. Having worked with a diverse range of styles and spaces, from urban apartments to show homes to boutique hotels to offices, their team is constantly inspired by challenges and new opportunities. We brought about their ebullient personality in their website design aesthetic, dedicating a page to their portfolio filled with projects that provide insight from personal experiences. This page ends with a large call to action banner, a strategic method to instantly prevent diversion of user attention and sets the ball rolling for obtaining clients. Further, with maximal white space, we clearly compartmentalize essential facets of the brand; their artistry and ardor, their design process, and their scope of services, all while promising a pleasant user experience.

Platform: WordPress | PHP | Features: Stylised Icons, Dynamic Contact Form


For 40 years they’ve been India’s leading manufacturers of high-quality industrial rubber products. Now, they execute seamless waterproofing solutions within the building and construction space. Krubber introduced the EPDM membrane to the Indian market in 2013; a trusted product that makes waterproofing easier and sustainable. We partnered with the brand to develop their website, showcasing each and every product that constitutes the many kinds of waterproofing systems along with their features and benefits. The products are rendered in 3D to bring about a photorealistic appeal while engaging viewers, ensuring interest is retained throughout navigating the website. We chose a minimalistic design layout with blue undertones to present a clean and simple narrative, accommodating the brand's interest in growing globally. With a homepage that serves as an elevator pitch, consisting of 3D structures that take one through 8 different waterproofing applications, a user learns all about the brand’s purpose within seconds and is persuaded to get in touch.

Platform: WordPress | PHP | Features: 3D Navigation, Dynamic 3D Design



Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors is a professional personal financial advisory firm. Proficient with generations of experience in wealth management, the organization strives to secure the future of busy professionals, entrepreneurs, NRI’s, and people in fast-paced professions. 


A minimalistic website layout was developed to skillfully house the various services, throwing equal light on each one of them. To capture the sophistication of Plan Ahead’s benefits, we used both sans serif and serif style fonts and cultivated a pleasing and welcoming aesthetic. This too brought balance between the brand’s authoritative and progressive personality. With maximal use of white space, we engage users to focus on content that is specifically relevant to them, while passively enhancing the overall website architecture.

Platform: WordPress, PHP | Features: Chatbot, Custom Blogs, Podcast |



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