Creative Direction

Secret Alchemist

Secret Alchemist, as a brand, is a simple, soothing, and homespun manifestation of our ancient heritage of aromatherapy.


Campaign - This introductory photoshoot pencils out the brand personality in a moody, sentimental way. It involves all the primal herbal ingredients displayed with other consistent natural and light elements that complement the brand colours and values. The photographs, in all technical and perceptive sense, aim to evoke a sense of conscious self-care and hence, conscious shopping. Colored in warm, plebeian, and omniscient hues, the photoshoot brings out the subtly turgid side of the brand. Every image is a token of a personified, austere and effortless brand identity.


Creative Director - Aditi Boggaram and Shrey Doshi

Photographer - Keegan Crasto

Videographer - Shannon Lobo

Product Stylist - Nikita Rao

Model - Virkenn Raiena

Makeup - Chriselle Baptista




It’s not about looking good, but feeling good. The philosophy that represents Hustle brand campaign shoot. The mood of the campaign exemplifies womanhood and self-care while portraying the moisturizing quality of Hustle. Each model was directed to embrace the same glow that Hustle presents through every movement, the application of the serum, and every form of self-expression. 

Creative Director - Shrey Doshi

Photographer - Arsh Sayed
Stylist - Sanaa Akbar Khan

Models - Danielle Dias, Astha Bhardwaj

Creative Assistants - Nidhi Salecha, Jahnvi Shah




Aanswr is a contemporary clothing label, offering everyday essentials that are minimal yet elevated.


Campaign - Breathe. In what is probably the most universal understanding of life, Yellow created a campaign that portrays the essence of the brand & freedom in lifestyle through its clothes.


Creative Director - Shrey Doshi

Photographer - Riddhika Mehra

Creative Assistants - Nidhi Salecha, Jahnavi Shah

Models - Julio and Rajashree



One Stop

One Stop is one of the oldest retail chains in the business – the ultimate home and kitchen shopping destination.

Campaign - For the festive period of Diwali, we arrived at a treatment that uses cultural elements combined with modern design language. 

Creative Director - Shrey Doshi

Creative Assistants - Anvina Nalvade, Shivani Ghosalker

Photographer - Rohan Fernandes



Innowin Furniture

Innowin furniture is the destination for contemporary designed chairs. Their brand’s pull strategy is the fact that they’re economical, yet present premium collections that refashion settings. As their brand’s business goal was to accentuate its product designs, our team chose to design a clean, minimal website layout to bring about a refreshing appeal.

Campaign - Showcasing the products in a stylized lifestyle and studio shoot.

Creative Director - Shrey Doshi

Creative Assistants - Nidhi Salecha, Medhavi Thakur

Photographer - Rohan Fernandes



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