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Yellow Advertising

There must be a reason that of all the colors on his palette, Van Gogh specifically decided to ingest the color yellow. Something that beckoned him to this shade of cheer, energy, and joy- emotions that are both evoked and embodied here at Yellow. While we may never know why Van Gogh chose yellow, we do know why you should choose Yellow.

As Van Gogh was drawn to this one color, we draw people in through our unique and evocative storytelling. We sell stories by building a strong aesthetic and visual brand identity and through engaging content and compelling visuals. But staying true to our namesake, that's not all that we do.

Like the primary color yellow can be mixed in varying amounts to produce a myriad of colors, at Yellow we mix and match to find the perfect shade of design, content, and strategy for our brands. Whether it's providing creative direction for campaigns, social media marketing, creating well-structured and data-backed UI/UX strategies, or focusing on brand growth and go-to-market strategy building, we cater to all advertising needs.

At its core, Yellow believes in creating custom stories for different groups through strategy, creative aesthetics, compelling visuals, and endearing partnerships with clients. Reach out to us to put on our Yellow-tinted glasses and see how we create brand identity and distinction.  Founded in 2013, Shrey Doshi wanted to create a company of like-minded individuals who shared similar ideologies on aesthetics, design, and brand building. Packed with 5 years of prior advertising experience in Bombay and London, master's degrees from the University of Sussex and Rhode Island School of Design, and a University Diploma from Harvard Business School, his vision was clear. And so, Yellow was born.

With Yellow, Shrey can create a workspace full of people who are cheerful, talented, and unafraid to get their hands dirty. The team is dedicated to mastering the art of storytelling through inviting visuals and the creation of strong brand identities. Yellow also offers a myriad of services tailored to the client’s vision, spearheaded by none other than Shrey.  We are big advocates of crafting strong brand identities and propelling brand growth. Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that promoting brand growth fosters the growth of the company, which can be observed firsthand. Our founder is dedicated to setting a strong aesthetic and design value through all communication for brands and does so with a very hands-on approach. With a game-changer mindset along with grit and determination, we at Yellow continually strive to set the advertising bar even higher.

What's Yellow?

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Yellow Advertising

Our workspace isn't an office, it's an experience.

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