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For Bonacure, the challenge was to find a unique layout style that would divide the reader's attention equally between the copy and the indicative imagery. The idea was to stick to the concept of a clean and effective look & feel of the product. Making use of the half-page space to communicate an informative concept the showcases the benefits of the high performance offerings of the brand.


The end goal of our print campaigns for D'lecta is to trigger a sense of appetite through the imagery and the striking copy with high recall value. Each ad is crafted to maximize memorability within the minds of the users. The ad also aims at selling a lifestyle in a certain sense, where the layouts, composition and vibrancy aim at specifically activating the taste for the brand's products.


With Awareness being at the helm of the brand's flagship Christmas campaign , the concept was to create ads of various sizes that would communicate the essence of the Top 10 offerings appropriately. The ads themselves were laid out distinctively to make sure the time spent by the viewer, on them was equally divided between product and brand appreciation.

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